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“In The Toilet” - alongside Schirmacher - opens the EP with a devilishly detailed sound design: panning FX, echoing claps and plenty of different metallic sounds fill the airwaves as hidden little synth lines grow louder and louder with time. When the wavy, dubby groove is fully formed, a soulful male vocal stops things being overly synthetic and keeps you locked in place until right at the end. The same track gets a remix by Highgrade’s Philip Bader, who turns it into a choppier, more anxious and loopy tech house cut full of glassy shards and dramatic cymbals.
“Hanna” features more abstract digital sounds, scrapings and clicks, but this time a heavy, flabby kick drum underpins them all and a cheeky sense of funk rises throughout as the micro sounds continue to dot out complex rhythms around an airy vocal hook.
Finally, “Lost” has drunken synths rising up and down, subliminal sub belches and alien wires all wrapped around each other. It’s clean and airy, yet tight and kinetic, almost sounding mathematical in precision. There’s a touch of melancholy hiding between the buffed metal surfaces, too.
Schneider has always had a polished and meticulous sound, programmed to perfection and designed to make you dance. This EP deals in many of the same qualities, and suggests he is as full of ideas as ever.


released September 26, 2012


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Moon Harbour Recordings Leipzig, Germany

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