1. Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 9 - Part 2 (MHD064)
    Various Artists

  2. Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 9 - Part 1 (MHD063)
    Various Artists

  3. Insane (MHD062)
    Dennis Cruz

  4. Leprchaun EP (MHD061)
    Vangelis Kostoxenakis

  5. Flute Dance EP (MHD060)

  6. Control EP (MHD059)

  7. Bridges Remixes Part 2 (MHD058)
    Sven Tasnadi

  8. Bridges Remixes Part 1 (MHD057)
    Sven Tasnadi

  9. Down The Rabbit Hole (MHD056)
    Alexander Aurel

  10. Everybody Freakin' EP (MHD055)
    Emery Warman

  11. Love Money EP
    Danny Serrano, Solo Tamas

  12. Whiplash EP (MHD053)
    Sidney Charles

  13. Come Over EP (MHD052)
    Leftwing : Kody

  14. The Woozle EP

  15. Get It Right (MHD049)
    Melanie Ribbe

  16. Lucky EP (MHD048)
    Solo Tamas, Eli Brown

  17. Bridges (MHRLP024)
    Sven Tasnadi

  18. Jumpin Jack Flash / Feel Good (MHD047)

  19. It's Your Love (MHD046)
    Sven Tasnadi

  20. Orbiter V (MHD045)
    Various Artists

  21. Bad EP (MHD044)

  22. Work EP (MHD043)
    Huxley, Ron Carroll

  23. Marbles EP (MHD042)

  24. Summer Camp Vol. 2 (MHD041)
    Various Artists

  25. After Dark EP (MHD040)

  26. Tribe Chant EP (MHD039)
    Dario D'Attis

  27. Huge Organ EP (MHD038)
    Vangelis Kostoxenakis

  28. Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 8 (MHRLP023)
    Various Artists

  29. Karamba (MD037)
    Danny Serrano

  30. El Sueño (MHD036)
    Dennis Cruz

  31. Nothing To Fear EP (MHR117)

  32. Gaia EP (MHD035)

  33. Stand Up EP (MHR116)
    Ninetoes, Matthias Tanzmann, Harvard Bass

  34. Tribal On The Terrace (MHR115)
    Pirate Copy

  35. Khana EP (MHR114)
    Re.You, Floyd Lavine

  36. G-Funk EP (MHD034)

  37. Detune EP (MHD033)
    Leftwing & Kody

  38. Make It Right EP (MHD031)
    Huxley, Hauswerks

  39. One Love (MHR113)
    Emanuel Satie

  40. Orbiter IV (MHD030)
    Various Artists

  41. Rawelution EP (MHR112)
    Sidney Charles

  42. Elrow (MHR111)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  43. Gully EP (MHD029)
    Leftwing, Kody

  44. Everyday EP (MHR110)

  45. Done Deal EP (MHD028)
    Proudly People

  46. Careo EP (MHR109)

  47. Dig This EP (MHR108)
    Vangelis Kostoxenakis

  48. Orbiter III (MHR107)
    Various Artists

  49. Bonita EP (MHR106)

  50. Deep Inside (MHR105)
    Daniel Stefanik

  51. Momentum Remixes Part 2 (MHR103)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  52. Momentum Remixes Part 1 (MHR102)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  53. Evolve Or Die (MHR104)
    Hot Since 82

  54. Soultrade EP (MHR101)
    Sidney Charles

  55. Moon Harbour 100
    Various Artists

  56. Wormhole EP (MHR099)

  57. Rebellion EP (MHD027)

  58. Consistent EP (MHD026)
    Sven Tasnadi

  59. All The Time EP (MHR098)
    Emanuel Satie

  60. Werk It EP (MHR097)
    DJ T.

  61. Big Gun EP (MHR096)
    Paul C, Paolo Martini

  62. Is It True EP (MHR095)
    Riva Starr

  63. All Night Long (MHR094)

  64. Momentum (MHRLP022)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  65. Disco Techno Revolution EP (MHD024)
    Luca Donzelli, Mar-T

  66. Orbiter II (MHR093)
    Various Artists

  67. Ten Years of Cargo Edition (MHD023)
    Various Artists

  68. El Camion (MHR092)

  69. Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol.7 (MHRLP021)
    Various Artists

  70. Such A Thing EP (MHR091)
    Matthias Tanzmann, Sven Tasnadi

  71. Underrated EP (MHR090)
    Raw District

  72. Orbiter I (MHR089)
    Various Artists

  73. Music Is Therapy EP (MHR087)
    DJ T.

  74. Refresh EP (MHR087)
    Jey Kurmis

  75. Volta EP (MHR086)
    Tanzmann & Stefanik

  76. Shadow EP (MHR085)

  77. 15 Years of Moon Harbour (MHRLP020)
    Various Artists

  78. Sleazy Dance Moves Vol.1 (MHR084)
    Lewis Boardman

  79. Next Level EP (MHR083)
    Marco Faraone

  80. All In Remixes (MHR082)
    Sven Tasnadi

  81. Butterflies Drowning EP (MHR081)

  82. Very Very Dry (MHR080)

  83. One Of Us feat. Forrest (MHR079)

  84. The Growing feat. Nick Maurer (MHR078)
    DJ T.

  85. Juice Machine EP (MHR077)
    Butch, Gel Abril

  86. Ten Years - Remixed (MHRLP018)
    Luna City Express

  87. My Groove feat. Gjeazon (MHR076)
    Sven Tasnadi

  88. Revisited (MHR075)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  89. Playing What EP (MHR074)
    Chris Wood & MEAT

  90. Break A Sweat EP (MHR073)
    Cuartero, wAFF

  91. Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol.6 (MHRLP017)
    Various Artists

  92. No Space EP (MHR072)

  93. Apollo 13 EP (MHR071)
    Sven Tasnadi

  94. Reframed EP (MHR070)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  95. Don't Stop EP (MHR069)

  96. Noschool Remixes (MHR068)

  97. Edge Of Space EP (MHR067)
    Philip Bader

  98. Barricades EP (MHR066)
    Sable Sheep

  99. Daxx EP (MHD017)

  100. Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol.5 (MHD016)
    Various Artists

  101. Stop Talking (MHD015)
    Sven Tasnadi

  102. Tilt (MHR065)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  103. The One Who Knocks (MHD014)
    Dan Drastic

  104. Don't Kill My Vibe (MHD013)
    Sabb & Cuartero

  105. Upon Burning Skies (MHD012)
    Sable Sheep

  106. Noschool (MHR016-2)

  107. Crazy EP (MHD 011)
    Philip Bader

  108. Magic Bazar EP (MHD 010)
    Luna City Express

  109. Panic Room EP (MHD 009)
    Dan Drastic & Sven Tasnadi

  110. Keep It Rough EP (MHD 008)
    Sable Sheep

  111. Shades Of White EP (MHD007)
    Philip Bader

  112. Silk Roads / Hoffman’s Potion (MHD006)
    Steve Lawler

  113. Places EP (MHR063)
    Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher

  114. One Way Out EP (MHD004)
    Zohki & Roozlee

  115. Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol.4 Part2/2 (MHR062-6)
    Various Artists

  116. Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol.4 Part1/2 (MHR061-6)
    Various Artists

  117. Broken Bones EP (MHD003)
    Nil By Mouth

  118. The Next Level feat. Roland Clark (MHR060)
    Luna City Express

  119. Paragroove EP (MHD002)

  120. Goodfellas EP (MHD001)
    Arado & Marco Faraone

  121. Noodle Stories EP (MHR059)
    Dan Drastic

  122. Vienna EP (MHR058)
    Andy Catana & Christopher Groove

  123. Bekeke EP (MHR057)
    Italoboyz vs. Blind Minded

  124. Basement feat. Daniel Wilde (MHR056)
    Adam Port

  125. The Paradigm Shift Remixes Part 2 (MHR055)

  126. The Paradigm Shift Remixes Part 1 (MHR054)

  127. Moon Harbour Joints Vol.2 (MHR053)
    Various Artists

  128. Sun Splash (MHR052)

  129. Ten Years Of Moon Harbour (MHR013-2)
    Various Artists

  130. Strange Neighbors (MHR051)
    Arado & Marco Faraone

  131. Ten Years Of Moon Harbour Remixes (MHR050)

  132. Hello From Planet Earth Remixes Vol.2 (MHR049)
    Luna City Express

  133. Hello From Planet Earth Remixes Vol.1 (MHR048)
    Luna City Express

  134. Cheesecake

  135. Chano (MHR046)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  136. Moon Harbour Joints Vol.1 (MHR045)
    Martinez, Matthias Tanzmann, Seuil

  137. Hold Home (MHR044)

  138. Musm (MHR043)

  139. Rough Neck (MHR042)
    Luna City Express

  140. Le Cirkus (MHR041)

  141. Double Room EP (MHR040)

  142. Momomowha... (MHR039)

  143. Slice Of Life (MHR038)
    Dan Drastic

  144. Restless Remixes Part 2 (MHR037)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  145. Restless Remixes Part 1 (MHR036)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  146. Break New Soil (MHR035)
    Gregor Tresher

  147. Seven (MHR034)
    Luna City Express

  148. Restless (MHRLP003)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  149. Rugby (MHR033)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  150. presenta Oil Of Mars (MHR032)
    Miguel Toro

  151. Water (MHR031)
    Marlow & Claudia Nehls

  152. Send In The Clowns (MHR030)
    Simon Flower

  153. Nip Slip (MHR029)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  154. Eternally Collapsing Object EP (MHR028)

  155. Basic Needs (MHR027)
    Matthias Tanzmann, Daniel Stefanik

  156. High Mileage EP (MHR026)
    Leif, Tom Ellis

  157. Crazy Planet EP (MHR025)
    Luna City Express

  158. Movin (MHR024)
    Marlow, Delhia

  159. Bad Ass Remixes (MHR023)
    Daniel Stefanik

  160. Bulldozer (MHR022)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  161. White Russian (MHR021
    Luna City Express

  162. Move Me (MHR020)
    Daniel Stefanik

  163. Fresh (MHR019)
    Luna City Express

  164. Like Shrubbery? (MHR018)
    Matthias Tanzmann, Daniel Stefanik

  165. Quiet (MHR017)
    Marlow feat. Delhia

  166. Anyway (MHR016)
    Matthias Tanzmann

  167. Inhouse Flights Volume.One Part 2 (MHR015)
    Various Artists

  168. Inhouse Flights Volume​.​One Part 1 (MHR014)
    Various Artists

  169. Supercolor (MHR013)
    Goldfish & Der Dulz


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